2024 Scholarships in Peru


Is on a mission to provide scholarships for students who are coming from challenging economic and social backgrounds in Peru. Education is one of the most important tools future generations can use to make this world a better place.

Our scholarships take a few of the following criterias into consideration; Annual household income, grades/scores, field of interest, and achievements. We also look into the following qualifications; leadership, passion, communication skills, growth, and most importantly, how this person will contribute to the community and/or the city.

Our process is as follows;

We do not post nor announce the scholarships. We search for the right person, meet with them, and get to know them. We do a lot of research before qualifying someone. Then we implement the plan and timeline, and process the financial aid and tuition due dates. We also developed an award process at the end of the program for each participant.

We would like to make clear to all our members, participants, viewers, and anyone interested in our association and scholarships that there is no document that outlines rules and regulations for scholarship funds because they vary by state, institution, and scholarship provider. Scholarships are not regulated by any one governing authority, each scholarship program has its own set of rules and regulations.




Our winner for 2023-2024 Peruvian Scholarship in Lima Peru. Student Acosta who is studying nursing in UPN – Private University of the North.


We require our students to maintain a certain standing in order to continue to be eligible for a scholarship. They must be full time students and they need to hold high test scores and academic performance. They must show proof of their achievement in the class, payments of inscriptions and at the end of the cycle proof of passing classes and/or course. At the end of the year, the student will be evaluated to see if the scholarship can be awarded for the next year.